Construction of the stations, yard and workshop of the First Stage (Caracas – Tuy Medio) of the Integral System of the Caracas - Puerto Cabello Rail Link


The Rail Line works have required the engineering, excavation and concrete lining of tunnels, earthwork, construction of viaducts, drains, road system, external works, construction of stations, yard and workshop. 9 tunnels, for an overall length of 10,3km, have been excavated through traditional methods and lined, with internal final diameter of 5m. The longest of these tunnels, Tunel de Tazon, is 6,765m with a 101m2 section.The mainline has also included 15 viaducts, for overall 6000m in length and 4 stations. 
The Cetral Railway Line is an intermodal transport project both for passengers and freight. Once in operation, the line will benefit approximately 3.5 million people, in Aragua and Carabobo states. The traffic is estimated at some 40,000 passengers each day and 14.6 million per year and the line will also carry 11.3 million tonnes of freight annually. 
Some 6,470 direct and indirect jobs have been created overall, involving technicians, skilled professionals and workers, to construct this modern transportation network.

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