Special Projects

We experiment in areas outside our core business in search of innovative solutions: Ghella has always been like this.

Because to be competitive we must know how to anticipate the future, be visionary and creative enough to open new paths and create areas of research and development that did not exist before.

Creativity and Art are our most reliable sentinels of the future and the epochal changes. But they are also the vanguard of our vision. Our privileged tools to improve the world to be left to future generations: an investment in the individual and collective growth of our employees and an added value for the territory in which we operate.

After all, a natural choice for those who, like us, preserve the original spirit of explorers and incurable dreamers that after five generations has led us here.

For this reason, it isn't rare that we love to dedicate ourselves to special projects that promote creativity and artistic talent. Taking care that they always have the right positive impact on people and theĀ territory.