Ethics & Compliance

Building excellence.

This is our objective, and the ultimate goal of our business.

Innovation, tradition, safety, protecting people and the environment are the values we place at the service of this ideal and all our projects.

However, true excellence is always ethical and sustainable

We are convinced. And always have been.

This is why any action we take is backed by a company made of people who work with integrity and responsibility. Each of them trusts their colleagues and believes in a collaborative effort. They set the example by working in total transparency.

These are the values that inform our Code of Ethics.

This document contains the principles that guide the choices we make every day, our commitments and actions toward stakeholders, both inside and outside the company.

This fundamental document is supported by other efficient operative tools, for exposing, reporting, or discussing any potential violation of the Code: Anticorruption Guidelines, Human Rights Guidelines, Whistleblowing procedures and channels and, above all, a Model of Compliance that defines our policy of Compliance based on clear and unequivocal operative guidelines.  


Code of Ethics
Anti-corruption Guidelines
Compliance System, Model 231
Human Rights Guidelines
Whistleblowing Policy