Our Sustainability journey starts from the Vision of the future that we want to build by sharing our business choices: a better world for the next generations. We are aware that the realization of this vision can only be the result of the collective action of multiple players: governments, organizations, companies and civil society. This is why we have placed at the center of our daily actions a corporate mission aimed at maintaining our history as 'constructors of excellence' on a path of innovation and sustainability, and a clear set of values aimed at guiding the behavior of all of us. The company Vision and Mission both aim at Sustainability because the intent we pursue is the integration of its principles in all aspects of 'doing business': from the choice of targeted projects, to the way we carry out our works, in corporate as well as site processes.

The 2019 Sustainability Report is our first effort to represent the unique features of our company, our commitments and our way to create value for all stakeholders. It is a tool to demonstrate transparency, define improvement actions and measure progress against the ethicalsocial and environmental objectives defined in our Sustainability Plan.

Our Sustainability Plan defines our sustainability objectives and the actions we are putting in place to achieve them.


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