Brenner Base Tunnel Lot "Mules 2-3"


The Monaco-Verona high speed railway tunnel will be, once complete, one of the longest underground railway links in the world. The Mules 2-3 Lot is the last stretch on Italian grounds, extending up to the Austrian border. The lot will cover more than 17km of the overall 64km of railway line under the Alps.

The project consists in two mainline tunnels and a smaller investigation tunnel of the same length below the main ones. The three tunnels and minor access tunnels are being built both through mechanized and conventional methods. Three Tunnel Boring Machines will do most of the excavation. The first and smallest of the three TBMs Serena has started its journey boring the investigation tunnel in late April 2018. Its goal is to analyze the soil conditions helping to reduce construction costs and times.
More than 10 meters above, two other TBMs are following excavating the railway mainlines in parallel. Flavia and Virginia have started their excavation just a month apart, one in April and the other in May 2019. All mechanized tunnel sections will be completed with internal lining comprising more than 170.000 precast segments.
The more than 20km of conventional excavated tunnels are also underway.


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