The TBM that will dig the Turin Median Collector has successfully passed the FAT Test

The Slurry TBM, with an excavation diameter of 4080mm,  that will dig the Turin Median Collector has successfully passed the FAT Test.

The Turin median collector, nicknamed the “Hydropolitan”, will be the new backbone of the Turin sewage network, and will be developed in parallel with the current one, running beneath Turin for 14 km at a depth of 20 meters, connecting the southern part of the city at the boundary with Moncalieri with the northwest area of Turin, to bring the water flow to the wastewater treatment plant of Castiglione Torinese. This new infrastructure will make it possible to deal with problems associated with climate change, such as the significant increase in mixed wastewater discharges that the old collector is no longer able to handle. It will also allow for special maintenance of the structures currently in use and will significantly facilitate environmental clean-up: in fact it will be responsible for conveying and transporting mixed wastewater and initial precipitation run-off, which is often full of contaminants such as hydrocarbons and mineral oils, to the SMAT Water Reclamation Centre in Castiglione Torinese, reducing the concentration of pollutants in the wastewater, and flowback occurrences in the Po river and throughout the area served.

During the construction works, remediation operations will also be carried out due to the presence of unexploded military ordinance from WWII, in addition to efforts undertaken in the area of environmental reclamation: for each shrub that will be cut down along the route of the collector, a new tree will be planted.