The Polytechnic of Turin confers Enrico Ghella the honorary degree in Civil Engineering

Among the reasons, having brought his company among the world excellences in the civil infrastructure sector without ever forgetting the safety of workers and philanthropic initiatives.


Turin, 2 Dicember 2022 - At the head of an Italian excellence with an international vocation, oriented to innovation in the civil engineering sector, but always attentive to the safety of its workers, Enrico Ghella is President and CEO of Ghella.

To recognize the great work done by the cavalier Enrico Ghella in the family business, but also his commitment to philanthropic activities, the Department of Structural Engineering, Construction Engineering and Geotechnics of the University has proposed to the Minister of University and Research the recognition for the Roman entrepreneur, of Canavese origins, of the honorary degree in Civil Engineering, which was conferred this morning at the Hall of Honour of the Castello del Valentino.

There are many official reasons for the conferral, which have been presented by Professor Orazio Baglieri, coordinator of the Collegio of Civil Engineering: “Enrico Ghella has been leading, for years, an Italian excellence with a great worldwide reputation in the field of civil infrastructure; he has expanded the company’s international presence with respect for local realities and cultures while maintaining its identity as an Italian company; has shown attention and foresight towards innovation as well as towards the safety of workers and, moreover, has always carried out philanthropic and social activities in countries - even poor and in difficulty such as Venezuela - where he helped build schools, kindergartens and hospitals”.

In his Lectio Magistralis, the cavalier Enrico Ghella retraced the steps of his entrepreneurial history, from when he began working at the age of 19 alongside his brother Giandomenico in the family business founded by his great-grandfather in 1894, helping immediately to strengthen its presence on international markets. For 25 years he lived abroad, in Venezuela and in the United States, leading Ghella to be, today, among the top 5 Italian companies in the world and linking its name to important projects such as the high-speed tunnels of the Brenner Pass, the Turin subway, Sydney, Brisbane, Athens, Vancouver, Toronto or Sao Paulo in addition to the high speed on the Turin-Lyon, Follo Line in Oslo, Norway. The attention to innovation is testified by the multiple executive solutions that the company has implemented in its construction sites, such as the full-length concrete shield system that allows, through the method of the precut, to enlarge the existing tunnels while maintaining the traffic flow in total safety or the automatic rib that significantly reduces the risks on the excavation front. Constant is also the Group’s attention to safety at work and to the quality and training of its workers, with initiatives also in the higher education in the construction sector.

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