Ghella’s 2021 Sustainability Report. The baseline year for our ESG targets

Ghella has published its third Sustainability Report, an important moment for the company, which every year, and with increasing determination despite the pandemic and the climate and financial crisis, strives to contribute to the ecological transition with concrete actions and to consolidate its Corporate Social Responsibility.

In particular, the 2021 Sustainability Report introduces a set of new ESG targets (Environmental, Social, Governance), to be reached by 2030 and 2050, defined following an internal workshop which involved 55 participants including Board members and employees from 4 continents. 2021 is the starting point from which to measure progress against these targets.

Adopted in February 2022, the ESG targets are designed to turn pledges into commitments by stimulating actions aimed at generating a continuous improvement of our sustainability performance and so strengthen the role of Ghella as a trusted partner for internal and external stakeholders.

“An important step forward has been taken” says Vicepresident Federico Ghella. "From today, we choose to adopt ambitious targets to guide the achievement of increasingly positive results in the areas of environment, governance and social responsibility. A commitment divided in stages, between now and 2050, which requires the effort of all of us to achieve the expected results. To this end, Ghella plans to implement targeted sustainability strategies, in order to become a carbon neutral company and contribute significantly to the ecological transition and the creation of a better future for all.”

To date, on the environmental front a 30% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions was recorded in construction sites compared to 2019, with 98% of reused or recycled waste, positive figures in line with the sustainability objectives of the UN 2030 Agenda. By 2021, the commitments undertaken have allowed Ghella to obtain Green Loans from two prestigious institutions. 

Alongside other ESG targets, we are committed to increasing the percentage of management roles taken up by women worldwide to 30%. Finally, we continue to be at the forefront on issues central to the company mission, such as the Health and Safety of our workers, the development  of improved infrastructure – such as mobility as well as water networks - and the production of electricity from photovoltaic, contributing to the transition to a low carbon economy.

The  document is available on our website at is to ensure maximum dissemination with minimal environmental impact. 

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