People & Communities

We give great value to people and are committed to offering the best opportunities for personal development and to protecting the rights and needs of our employees.

We strongly believe that the diversity of our team is fundamental for attracting and motivating the best talents the market has to offer and for developing the highest levels of professionalism.

Regardless of individual characteristics, we believe that a varied group of employees brings an inherent wealth of points of view that challenge the status quo, which trains people to work with a more flexible, creative, and innovative mentality.

At Ghella we are committed to maintaining a safe and productive work environment. A place where people are treated with equality, dignity, courtesy, and respect. Inappropriate behavior in the workplace is not tolerated and condemned by the company without exception.

Our attention toward social inclusivity is not limited to what takes place inside the company walls: we listen to the legitimate expectations of local communities who benefit from the public works we help create. We are committed to leaving a positive sign with our projects and to protecting and promoting wellbeing, human resources, and the environmental, historical, and cultural heritage of the territories where we operate.

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