The two EPB TBMs for the Advance Tunnel for the Eglinton Crosstown West extension have passed the FAT Test

The two EPB TBMs for the construction of the Advance Tunnel for the Eglinton Crosstown West extension commissioned by Metrolinx/Infrastructure Ontario and Land's Corporation have successfully passed the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT), which ensures the TBMs are built and ready to operate in accordance with all the project requirements.

The TBMs will now be transported from the suppliers facilities in Schwanau (Germany) to Toronto (Canada) by sea, and are expected at the Oshawa Port by mid of December 2021.

The TBMs are 130 meters long with a diameter of 6.5 meters. The 6.3 kilometers of twin tunnel will be excavated starting from the Renforth Launching Shaft jobsite, where the machines will also be assembled.