A global Code of Ethics: integrity and transparency pillars for a sustainable growth

Ghella’s Code of Ethics has been renewed and becomes the sole reference to define shared values and to guide the behavior of all our people and stakeholders on a global level.

By applying the principles contained in the code of Ethics we can put in action those values of integrity and transparency that are part of our DNA and of a company culture characterized by a strong sense of belonging.  At the same time, the new Code of Ethics frames our rules of conduct as important pillars for a sustainable growth, in line with our corporate Vision and Mission and with our desire to be active contributors to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the United Nations.

The code of Ethics represents a tool and an essential reference for all of us as, through our actions, we contribute to the growth and the pursuit of Ghella’s corporate Mission: build excellence in an innovative and sustainable way.

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