Cross River Rail wins the 2021 QMCA Innovation and Excellence Sustainability award

The Cross River Rail project has been named winner of the QMCA Innovation and Excellence Sustainability award 2021 for the use of crushed recycled glass sand, replacing natural quarry sand and gravel.

Cross River Rail was the first project in South East Queensland to trial the use of crushed recycled glass.  An excellent example of the circular economy achieved with the Brisbane City Council, Queensland Rail, Cross River Rail Delivery Authority and Enviro Sand.

Every year in South East Queensland about 40,000 tonnes of glass end up in landfill. We have estimated that we can potentially reuse more than 10,000 tonnes of crushed recycled glass over the project's life cycle as an alternative to sand and other types of aggregates for filling, draining or pipe coverings. This initiative allows savings of natural mineral resources and a reduction in the related environmental and social impacts. It has also created new jobs in the local supply chain. There are plans to use this practice in the subsequent package, which includes the upgrading of two stations and work on the integrated railway control system, showing the importance of sharing best practices among projects and worksites.