Brenner Base Tunnel Lot “Mules 2-3”, 50 % of excavation completed

The Brenner Base Tunnel Lot “Mules 2-3” has reached an important milestone: 50% of excavation is now complete.

The BBT is a high speed railway tunnel connecting Austria and Italy: upon completion it will be the longest underground railway connection in the world. The Lot "Mules 2 -3" is the last stretch on Italian grounds, extending up to the Austrian border.

The tunnel is being excavated through rock using both conventional methods and TBMs. The choice of excavation method depends on various factors – e.g. route length and nature of the rock mass.

The three TBMs Flavia, Virginia and Serena have so far excavated 18 kilometers and more than 15 km have been excavated through conventional methods. The lot will cover more than 65 km of excavation between mechanized and traditional excavation.

Brennero Ghella

Photo credits: Andrea Botto from the photography project "Di roccia, fuochi e avventure sotterranee"

Brenner Base Tunnel Lot "Mules 2-3"