Sustainability Report 2022. Ghella presents the first results of the ESG targets

Ghella has published its Sustainability Report for the year 2022, marking the first opportunity for the company to assess the progress made towards the quantitative objectives set out in the corporate Strategy on the environmental, social and governance fronts, with a roadmap spanning from 2023 to 2050, the date by which it commits to become carbon neutral.

"The targets have been designed to make our commitments tangible and promote the creation of shared value, focusing on the continuous improvement in the context of heath and safety at work and the ecological transition. We have implemented action plans, which make our strategy operational. With this report we test for the first time their effectiveness by measuring performance and quantitative results"

The commitment to environmental and social issues remains at the heart of Ghella’s approach: 66% of the ongoing works are dedicated to sustainable mobility infrastructure projects and 16% to projects that will improve access to water infrastructures and water consumption. Ghella actively contributes to decarbonisation by producing electricity from photovoltaics and by recycling or reusing 91% of non-hazardous waste, promoting the circular economy. Beyond climate change mitigation, Ghella upholds values of ethics, transparency, worker health and safety (evidenced by an 18% reduction in the LTIFR accident incidence rate compared to the previous year), gender diversity in leadership roles, community engagement, biodiversity preservation and the development of innovative solutions and SMART technologies.

Our actions reaffirm Ghella as a trusted partner for stakeholders and financial institutions, leading to new green financing obtained in 2022.

For more details, the document is available to download on our website at report page.

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