Our Code of Ethics sets the principles and rules of conduct that guide our behaviors.


    We always aim to do the right thing, acting as an example to the people around us and bringing value to the communities where we operate, conscious that only through a sustainable development will we be able to offer a better world to future generations.

    The code of Ethics represents a tool and an essential reference for all of us as, through our actions, we contribute to the growth and the pursuit of Ghella’s corporate Mission: build excellence in an innovative and sustainable way.


    Enrico Ghella – President & CEO

    Ethics and respect for work: these are the underlying principles we consistently follow in managing this Company. 

    We work all over the world with different cultures and laws. Each person in Ghella is an ambassador not only of competence and personality, which define their indissoluble uniqueness, but also of a name that represents our Company and my family.


    People | Security | Innovation | Tradition | Excellence | Environment | Future | Ethics | Excellence


    We are connected by shared values, that allow us to overcome the barriers of distance and enhance the uniqueness of each one, so to face daily difficulties as a single widespread working group.

    The goal of building excellence can only be achieved by starting from this set of shared and essential values, which represent the pillars of the Code and are the basis of our sustainability efforts: Ethics, Attention to people, Protection of natural and social capital, Excellence.


    Transparency and integrity in everything we do, without compromise


    People are our most precious resource, and their safety comes first.

    Health and safety protection | Work environment | Passion and teamwork | Training| Environment care and protection | Anti-corruption | Conflict of interest | Antitrust compliance | Use of company’s resources | Management of confidential information | Safeguarding of privacy



    Client | Local & global communities | Business Partner | Suppliers & third parties | Authorities & Institutional relations


    We are connected islands. To do well, we must share one great ethical vision for a sustainable future. 

    We involve our stakeholders in the definition and implementation of our sustainability strategy, so that they can align to our values and contribute to the spread of our principles on ethics and transparency, environmental protection, promotion of safety and responsibility towards the community.


    We value our Code and guarantee its implementation


    Our business organization is complex and articulated into different Countries, which is why we have adopted a set of specific and detailed procedures and policies both globally and locally. 

    This Code is an integral part of the individual employment agreement.

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