Ghella Headquarters’ defibrillator recorded on TRENTA ORE PER LA VITA

We care for our community and our people.

In line with our tradition, we are always a step ahead on safety.

In Italy, an average of 70.000 people are struck by cardiac arrest every year: one every 8 minutes, and in 70% of the cases, at home, at work or in school and sports facilities.

Our Headquarters are equipped with a semi-automatic defibrillator, located on the ground floor of our building A: the device is now recorded in the TRENTA ORE PER LA VITA website and app, so that everyone in need, not only in the office but also in the entire neighborhood, can take advantage of it with the help of our trained personnel.

In case of a heart attack, every minute is vital.

We hope to never use it, but in case of emergency Ghella stands by his community.