Brenner Base Tunnel, Virginia and Flavia both excavating

The last of the three TBMs excavating the Base Tunnel has started yesterday her journey towards the Brenner. The Brenner Base Tunnel is the main lot of the new Brenner railway from Munich to Verona, and upon completion, it will be the longest underground railway connection in the world. The Lot "Mules 2 -3" is the last stretch on Italian grounds, extending up to the Austrian border. The lot will cover more than 65 km of excavation between mechanized and traditional excavation.

One month after the start of its twin TBM Flavia, the Virginia also has started to grind rock. These two 10.7 diameter machines, which will dig the mainline tunnels, are preceded after a year’s excavation more than 4km ahead, by the smallest TBM Serena (6.8 m diameter), excavating an investigation tunnel to analyse the soil conditions. All tunnels will be completed with internal liningcomprising more than 170.000 precast segments.


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Brenner Base Tunnel Lot "Mules 2-3"